How Non Biodegradable Bags Damage The Environment

When out shopping in Colchester or Ipswich, it is important to think about the potential cost to the environment before you request a non-biodegradable carrier bag from any store.

Because they do not break down, any of these bags that are thrown away can linger in the earth for hundreds of years to come, causing damage to many animals as well as decreasing the natural beauty of the landscape.

We all have the plastic carrier bag drawer at home. Where possible, ensure that you reuse these carrier bags, saving you from creating more waste by asking for more shopping bags or pulling them out of the trays at self-service check outs. Furthermore, many shops also offer a great bag for life scheme, whereby you can ensure that you have a long-lasting and durable bag for all of your shopping needs.

This may help you save money as well. Many stores have started charging for bags. Having your own stack handy will allow you to save from this extra cost on your shopping.

Some people do also use their carrier bag drawer to stock up the smaller bins around their homes. This really isn’t advisable. By using these bags for waste, you can contribute to landfills.

This means that it is important to not stop thinking about bio-degradable bags with the bags you put your shopping into. It is also important to consider the bags that you use around the house. Instead of normal bin bags, you can easily purchase biodegradable bags. These will decompose at a great rate, being beneficial for the environment and not lingering around like normal bin bags.